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Your people are our business. If you don’t have the capability or capacity to meet your HR and Change Management needs let us work with you to build and deliver exceptional business focused outcomes and solutions and create an awesome place to work.

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What We Do

HR Consulting

HR Support, Advice and Solutions

HR Consulting Services (HRCS) provides a broad range of human resource advice and services for businesses that opt to outsource some or all of their HR requirements. And strategic HR planning through to general HR support.

HR Consulting

Culture and Engagement

Do you want to improve your Employee Engagement? Have you been working on it but not getting the results?

We can develop tailored programs that will give you the improvement you are looking for.

HR Consultancy

Ensuring The Change Management

If you need successful management and delivery of a project or a program or work with a focus on ensuring that the change management is lead to enable smooth transition and successful implementation we will work with you to get your desired results.

Coaching and Mentoring

Organisations that want to develop their key people and business owners who want to improve their own performance find that coaching and mentoring are very effective techniques to achieve this.

Are you a small business that has grown to an extent that you understand you need to put some processes in place?

Are you a medium to large organisation that wants to review and improve what you have?

Perhaps you really want to focus on a specific area and need some additional capability or capacity?

If so, then we can help.

HR Consultancy

You may be looking for a high-level review with recommendations that you can implement yourself or a combination of strategic thinking, design of programs and hands on implementation of these programs. We are flexible in our approach to meeting your needs.

Get dedicated HR support and advice only when you need it.

If you would rather focus on doing what you’re good at, and your business can grow and prosper with the addition of professional HR advice, then we’ll make a great team.

Including HR as a key component of your business plan means that your employees and managers can achieve their potential in a fair and equitable workplace free of favouritism and inconsistency in decision making. This will directly affect your profitability as your employees will be more engaged and focused on moving your business forward.

About HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services can provide you with Human Resources advice and solutions when and where you need it, enabling you to make better business decisions and build a better workplace.

You will have access to a depth and breadth of skills and experience gained over 25 years of HR & Change Management professional experience across Asian Pacific.

A business focused, practical and highly consultative approach enables us to identify core issues, develop strategies and deliver solutions, ensuring a balance between business and HR requirements, providing supporting and coaching to business leaders and their teams to enable them to be more successful and effective. Extensive experience in leading and supporting change further enhances the success of solutions and outcomes. We have also designed and facilitated programs focused on leading change and business planning for our clients.

Accredited LSI

Empowering individuals and teams through accredited LSI expertise, fostering personal and professional growth.

REACH Accredited

Everything you need to turn potential into performance at your fingertips.

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HR Consultancy

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HR Consultancy

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